Saturday, August 8, 2009

North Carolina 2009

Growing up we took family vacations to many locations throughout the United States: Utah, Arizona and New Mexico; Idaho and Montana; Boston; New York City; Ocean City, NJ; Ocean City, MD; and Washington, DC. You name it, we've been there. However, the past few years, my parents have settled on renting a beach house in Oak Island, North Carolina, and I couldn't be happier.

It truly is beautiful there. The beach is uncrowded. The water is warm. The seafood and vegetables are at their freshest. It is a very relaxing week, and gives us a chance to catch up on each other's lives, that with each year seem to be more and more busy.

Of course this year was a little less relaxing for Dan and I, mainly because we were chasing Miss Addie around. Despite the fact that the ocean waves knocked her down a few times, she still showed no fear, running right out into the sea as if she could swim fully by herself. Needless to say, she also loved digging in the sand. She occupied herself for hours filling buckets, digging holes, and collecting shells. Honestly, it is the perfect vacation for a 19-month-old.

Dan and I both said the week gave us some time to reflect on just how far Addie has come since our last trip to North Carolina. Last year she was crawling and barely pulling herself up on furniture. This year, she ran and jumped with ease. Last year she'd babbled "Da da" every once and a while. This year, as you can see from the video, she can count to ten. Last year, she showed little independence, clinging to and crying for me at times. While this year, she was too busy exploring and hanging out with Uncle Don (John) to know if I was there or not. Honestly, I cannot believe how much she has changed - but it is all good change, and I look forward to seeing just how far she'll go over the next 12 months.