Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Addie's BFF

My best friend from Notre Dame Maureen and I have luckily shared a lot over the past 11 years. We both lived in the cutest dorm Badin. We were roommates at a house a stone's throw away from our favorite bar Corby's. We both moved to Chicago two years after college graduation. We both married guys from our brother dorm Carroll. And we were both blessed with first-born daughters.

This has also luckily given Addie a friend for the past year. In fact it is so cute now because Addie can say "Evie" and the other day when Maureen and Evie came over, we swear Evie was saying "Addie" Despite being six months apart, the two get along famously.

As you can see from the photos, I bought a $7 plastic pool from BabiesRUs, and Evie came over to enjoy the warmth and sunshine with Addie. The two had a wonderful time - splashing each other and playing around. I'm so happy summer is finally on it's way!

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