Saturday, July 18, 2009

Music Class

Throughout this summer, Addie and I have tried out a couple of new classes. I decided to have her take a break from gymnastics (although we start back up in September) to try out swimming and the Old Town School of Music's "Wiggleworms" class. She has loved both!

On Wednesdays we go to swim and gym at the YMCA. For 30 minutes she runs throughout the gym, playing with various toys and balls put out by the teacher. Then we change into our suits, and head to the pool for another 30 minutes. And believe me, this is her favorite part of the week! She loves the water. In fact, the teacher said the YMCA no longer teaches that it is a good idea to dunk kids at a young age to get them used to being underwater. They used to think if babies would go under, if only for a split second, they'd be more likely to jump in as children because they'd be used to water in their face. Addie's teacher explained that this gave 90% of children a fear of the water, and it only worked for the 10% that were dare devils. She then looked at Addie and said, "Addie, I'm sure you'd be part of that 10% - you don't mind water on your face at all!" So sums up our first experience with swimming lessons. When the other children are crying because they are forced to jump of the wall, Addie is saying "more, more." When the other children are barely splashing with their hands and feet, Addie is kicking and splashing away. I'm very glad we did the lessons this summer.

Beyond swimming, we have also loved the "Wiggleworms" class. My cousin Sarah and her son Nate went with us, which was nice to spend time with them. The class has given me some new songs to sing to Addie, instead of all the old staples I (and perhaps she) was getting sick of. Addie loves to sing and dance, and while at the beginning of class she is usually shy, by the end, she is in the center of the room dancing with all her new friends. I took a few pictures of Addie and Nate at music - as you can see we have future music stars on our hands!

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