Thursday, December 25, 2008

Addie's First Birthday and KY Christmas

This is my first official post from our new computer! So now there are no excuses on why I cannot update the blog at least on a weekly basis.

We are currently in Kentucky celebrating Christmas with the Rompf the family. We have had a lovely week here in the Bluegrass. We were able to cut down a Christmas tree with my family, play "25 Words or Less" several times, and even see the Kentucky Wildcats beat Tennessee State at Rupp Arena. All in all, an eventful, but fun week. It has flown by!

Thus, an explanation as to why it has taken me a full week to post pictures of Addie's first birthday party. We decided to keep the celebration small because most of our families were out of town. But it was a special night for Miss Addison. We ordered her favorite - pizza - and I made a yellow cake with Hershey's chocolate icing. She loved the pizza - and made a mess with the cake. She was spoiled with gifts from her Grammy and Grampa, Aunt Elizabeth, and Uncle Matt. All in all, I think the party wore her out as she slept until 8:30 pm the next morning!

We head back to Chicago tomorrow to celebrate Christmas with the Soldatos. Miss Addison is going to be confused when January hits and she is no longer receiving new toys everyday! She'll be sad to see December go!

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