Saturday, December 13, 2008


Again, let me apologize for how late this post is. I cannot believe two weeks have flown by since Thanksgiving. Life has been crazy, and because we still don't have a computer, I cannot update the blog during the day. Cheerleading is in full swing - and due to competitions last weekend and tomorrow, I have had night and weekend practices with the girls. This has given Addie and Dan many "Dad nights," which I love. I remember vividly growing up when my Mom was working on her PhD or teaching that we too had "Dad nights." I'm not sure I would be thrilled for a hot-dog-cheese omelet these days, but I am so grateful for the time spent with Dad on those Tuesday nights. I know the same is true for Addie and Dan.

We were able to travel down to Kentucky for the annual Rompf Family Thanksgiving. This is the 31st year my Dad's side of the family has gathered in Kentucky for a four-day-long party. There are so many traditions associated with the weekend, and thankfully this year, my parents put a detailed scheduled on the refrigerator so everyone would know exactly when and where all the events started. We of course have a big, traditional dinner on Thursday. Friday there is an intense touch-football game, we hike Natural Bridge, and then go out to dinner. Saturday my Aunt Betty cooks an amazing meal, and we are all able to just hang out at my parents house. I LOVE Thanksgiving. I have countless memories with my cousins growing up, and there is something so comforting about the long-standing tradition. While we had to miss last year because I was so pregnant with Addie, it was nice to know even though I was away, I still knew exactly what everyone was up to.

Dan and I did start a new tradition two years ago when we ran a Turkey Trot 5K at Keeneland Racetrack on Thanksgiving morning. Several Rompfs joined in the fun this year. It is a beautiful run around the horse farms at the famous racetrack. We had a great run - and at least we got our workout in early before all that eating!
I'm posting a few pictures of the lovely weekend in the Bluegrass. And I promise to post some of the big one-year party this Wednesday. I cannot believe a year has flown by!!!

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