Friday, January 23, 2009

Addie's First Medal

Addison had her final gymnastics class of the semester this morning. Dan was able to go in to work late and join in as a witness of the fun. From jumping around on the tumble track to flipping on the beam, I think "Da Da" was impressed with Miss Addie's talents. (Check out the videos below!)

There was a cute little medal ceremony at the end where each child's name was called and they were given a small gold medal. While Addison went up readily to her teacher Ms. Liz to receive the medal, she looked less than thrilled when she had to sit next to her friends. At first Dan and I laughed because she seemed angry. Then she seemed like she was going to cry. Then back to angry. She sat there not moving as the other kids were honored, and yet, did not seem pleased with the situation. Maybe she's a fierce competitor like her parents - and thought she got silver or something!

All in all though, gymnastics has been a wonderful experience for her. She loves the other kids, and is fearless in her exploration of the gym and its various pieces of equipment. I have loved going with her too, meeting other moms and watching her development from a baby who barely crawled to a running toddler.

I'm excited the new semester starts next Friday!

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