Monday, January 12, 2009

First Sledding Trip

Minus my Freshmen year winter at Notre Dame, this weekend in Chicago was the snowiest two-day period I've ever seen!

Literally the snow started Friday morning and continued almost non-stop through Saturday night. All in all, I'd say we got well over a foot, and this led to perfect conditions to take out Addie's Christmas present - a sled from Grammy and Grampa!

As you can see, we bundled her up well, and ventured out. The park district building right east of our townhome has a large field, and as it turns out, a handicap ramp, that were perfect places to take Addie. She didn't seem to mind the cold - especially when Dan or I would run with her so she could go fast in the sled. Even the snow hitting her face didn't phase her - in fact a couple times, she opened her mouth in attempts to catch a snowflake. It was a beautiful afternoon - and while I'd be ok if the weather warmed up, it was fun to spend a family day outside in the brisk, cold air!

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