Tuesday, February 10, 2009

$100 well spent???

Just when I think Miss Addie is a direct replica of her father - she shows a little "second-child" - aka getting into trouble and acting a bit mischevious.

We bought these wonderful retractable gates for our townhome, because with three flights of stairs, and a quick-moving toddler, we realized we could be in for trouble. The gates can be easily moved from one set of stairs to the next, and they roll up to get out of the way when we have company or simply do not need them.

But of course, we didn't realize just how bright Addison is. The gate which separates the foyer floor from the main living floor had to be mounted about 6 inches above the ground due to the base boards. Well, on Sunday Addison figured out how to crawl underneath that gate. Dan was sweeping the stairs, and she wanted to get to her "Da Da." So under the gate she went.

On her third attempt, we caught the ordeal on video. My favorite part is her sly smile at the end - I guess she does have a little of her Mom in her! At least her Mom when I was in middle school!

On Sunday evening we celebrated Dan's birthday with his family and Elizabeth. Addie enjoyed blowing out the candles with her Dad. And eating some of his cake and ice cream! All in all, a fun day.

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