Sunday, February 1, 2009

We're going to STATE!

I vividly remember leaving Addie last year, when she was a mere six weeks old, for an entire 6 and 1/2 hours. I had to go with my cheerleaders to their biggest competition of the year - Sectionals - but my heart was at home with Addison and Dan.

A very quick year later, Addie was able to come to Sectionals and cheer on the girls. I must admit, in her Santa Clara cheer outfit, and big white bow, she fit right in. She behaved flawlessly, of course, hanging out with her Grampa and Aunt Elizabeth.

And she must be good luck - for the first time ever Loyola placed in the Top 5 and qualified for the State tournament next weekend in Bloomington. Approximately 100 teams competed yesterday throughout Illinois, and the girls will be one of 25 teams heading to ISU for the State Competition. I'm so excited and proud of the girls!

This week Addie and I also went to the library story hour for the second time. While I think she likes running around and socializing more than she likes sitting for stories, it is another fun (and free!) outing for us each week. The librarian leads the children in songs, tells them stories, and reads book. It is a very nice program.

Tonight Addie gets to play with her friend Evie at a Superbowl Party. Should be fun!

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