Wednesday, September 16, 2009

My grocery helper

With a little over a month left before the new baby arrives, I am trying to think of ways to adjust normal chores so they won't be impossible with two children. One task I know will change is grocery shopping. Up to this point, Addie has rode along in the cart I push, helping count apples and bananas; helping pick out her favorite cereals; and helping to make sure we remember Dan's bagels for his lunch.

The supermarket we go to actually has mini-shopping carts for children to use, so a couple weeks ago, I decided to let Addie give those a try. I figure this way, the new baby can sleep in the car seat in the big cart I push, and Addie can go along side me with her own cart.

As all who know her can imagine, she loves the independence and ability to have her own cart. Of course I hear over and over: "Addie's cart;" "Addie do;" "Follow Mommy." She has run into people a couple times going a little reckless and fast, but all in all, she has done well. Now if I can only control what she puts in "Addie's cart," I will be all set for the end of October!

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