Monday, September 28, 2009

Big Girl Bed

Last Monday, Addie's new bunk beds were delivered. She and I spent many hours over the past week in in her new room. Bringing toys in. Reading stories. Admiring her new blankets. From the start - she loved the beds and the new room. So last night, after tethering the dresser to the wall, filling in all the electric sockets, and baby-proofing the side-railings on the bed, Dan and I decided it was time to let her move in officially and sleep in the new bed.

Perhaps like many transitions we will face over the next 18+ years, I had much more trouble adjusting last night than Addie did. Addie climbed right into bed, took her pacifiers, and fell asleep without a peep. I cried myself to sleep, clinched Dan's hand, and woke up several times thinking about how grown-up Addie has become.

Now don't get me wrong - I feel so blessed that the Little Miss slept from 9 pm to 9 am without even skipping a beat. (And that she is back in the bed now napping.) I know few 21-month-old toddlers can just go from their cribs to their beds without any question. But I just can't believe how independent she has become. Ultimately because we are now less than a month away from number 2's arrival, I know this will help a ton. So hopefully I can take a cue from my daughter, and go with the flow!
I'm incluidng a video of Addie when she woke up this morning. Poor thing was barely rubbing the sleep out of her eyes and I was trying to make her perform. Ah well, she'll thank me someday, right?

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