Sunday, October 18, 2009

The Pumpkin Farm

In anticipation for Halloween this year, I researched local pumpkin farms where Dan and I could take Addie. I found one about an hour outside the city, and with my sister Elizabeth's family, and my cousin Sarah's family, we trekked out to the suburbs in search of a little fall fun.

The farm was amazing! There was a petting zoo with animals ranging from normal goats and sheep, to an exotic camel and zebra. Addie loved feeding the animals carrots and petting them gently. There was a little train that she rode with Dan, Jeff and Nate. We also were able to take a tractor-wagon ride out to a field where we could pick out pumpkins.

It was a perfect fall day - brisk and sunny. I believe Addie's favorite part was running around the pumpkin field from pumpkin to pumpkin, trying to get them to roll.

Before we left the farm, Addie picked out a little pumpkin for the "baby" - hopefully he or she will arrive before Halloween - and we also bought a couple large pumpkins to carve into Jack-O-Lanterns in the coming weeks. It was a great day and we are already planning our trip back next year!

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