Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Addie visits her 9th state!

Despite being less than 11 months old, Miss Addison has already been to 9 different states. She has seen Illinois, Kentucky, Texas, California, New Jersey, North Carolina, Michigan, Indiana, and Washington.

This weekend we were Spokane for my ACE roommate Jared's wedding. We had a wonderful time. Not only was it a relaxing, mini-family vacation, it gave Dan and I a chance to see a beautiful part of the country we had not been to before. We were able to take a run around Gonzoga University's campus, ride gondolas high above a water fall, and spend time with three roommates from my years in Oklahoma City.
Addie, of course, was the center of attention at many of the gatherings. From waving to everyone on the airplane, to playing with Jared's young cousins, she was quite a trooper despite the time change and displacement from her quiet, calm house. It is amazing how well she travels.

One other update -- last week at gymnastics Addie took her first steps! I could hardly believe it! I was thankful there were other witnesses (including Mimi!) to see. She has taken three or four here and there, but still prefers crawling. We try to entice her to walk, and I promise to take a video soon if we can.

I'm posting a few pictures from our trip. Hope all is well!


Dad said...

....This Blog is wonderful (though i admit i am biased due to its principals)!!!

I check it daily!!

thx and love,

Molly said...

Make the 10th state Pennsylvania!!