Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween Part I

One of my favorite Halloween traditions growing up was carving our pumpkin as a family. I remember my parents -- to keep everything fair -- would allow each of us to choose one part of the pumpkin to design. I could choose the eye shape, David the nose, Elizabeth the mouth, John the eyebrows. It made for interesting jack-o-lanterns some years, but I always loved the night we celebrated this tradition.

Wednesday night we carved our first pumpkin with Addie. Who knows if she even realized what was going on. She did try to eat the lid once it was removed. She was very curious about the slimy seeds. And she did have a great time "cruising" around the jack-o-lantern once it was carved. But all in all, we had so much fun. It makes me so excited to share more traditions with her as she grows. She especially loved when we put the candle inside and turned off the lights. That was always my favorite part too!

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Grammy said...

Hi, Laura-
The Halloween costume is even cuter than I imagined it...probably because it is on Addie! I like the photo of the kids on the couch, too....the way Addie is looking at Nathan. The Jack-o-Lantern turned out great. I didn;t know Dan was such an expert carver! It did look great with the candle inside. Thank you for taking the time to keep us all a part of Addie's adventures!
Love ,