Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween Part II

Last night Addie was able to celebrate her first Halloween. I must admit, at first I wasn't too excited about dressing her up as Princess Leia, but at Dan's request, we went ahead and ordered the costume. But as the pictures show, she looked beyond adorable!

Addie's second cousin Nate also joined us to celebrate the holiday. Nate was a very cute penguin, and the two together created quite a photo op. I never thought Princess Leia and a baby penguin would be chatting together on our living room chairs! We went to a parade just down the street and witnessed some very funny costumes, from Sarah Palin to Michael Phelps. While some people at the parade initially thought Addie was an angel, a ram and/or a cinnamon bun, once they saw her dress and "utility belt" most people caught on.

But the best story of the day... Yesterday morning Addie and I went to gymnastics to try out the older children's class. Her teacher thought she would benefit from moving up so she could see kids walking and playing around. On Monday her teacher said, "And if you do come Friday, Addie should wear her costume, since it is Halloween." So of course yesterday, I dressed her up, wig and all. We show up to the class and low and behold, none of the other ten children had costumes on! All I could think is, "She's going to be traumatized! Not only are no other kids dressed up, she's in a nerdy Star Wars outfit!" Thankfully, with all the flipping and bubbles, she didn't notice a bit!

Hope all is well!

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