Sunday, June 28, 2009

Papa's River Camp

My favorite part of summer growing up was the time we spent down at the River. My father inherited a rustic cabin on the Kentucky River, and as a child my family spent most summer days swimming, hanging out, and relaxing by the river. We have never had a TV at the cabin, which leaves much more time for conversation, playing cards, and outdoor activities. Life is simple, but in many, many ways, better.

I was able to take Addie to Kentucky for almost a week this June, and like me, she loved the River. She could not get enough of the pool - despite the water's cooler temperature. She loved exploring the creek with her Papa and letting the water run through her toes. She liked seeing many different critters - including a cute, little frog which she could pet and watch jump. All in all, outdoor life at it best.

My Dad is going to make "River Camp" an annual event for all the grandchildren, so we had to have the inaugural year with just Miss Addie. Next year she will be joined by her cousin Patrick and a younger brother or sister. Hard to believe Mimi and Papa's family is expanding so rapidly!!!

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